Can Math Prove the Bible?

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Christian
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Why do we accept the Bible as the Word of God? Perhaps it is because our parents and grandparents accepted it thus and subsequently we were taught as a child to also accept it as God’s Word. That, in a nutshell, is probably why most of the people in the world accept any document or book as inspired, because of their traditions, but how can we really know it is the inspired word of God, how can we really prove the accuracy of the bible?

I accepted the bible as the inspired Word of God on spec when I was younger primarily because of the above reasons. After awhile I rejected the bible as inspired and then spent several decades demeaning and degrading the Christian God and anything related to Him, including the bible. However, after experiencing some frightening spiritual events, I reassessed my views on religion and ended up coming full circle back to where I started, viewing the Word of Our Lord with new eyes and a new intent and I soon became interested in proving the veracity of the scriptures to myself, as well as to others.

There are probably dozens of ways you can prove that the bible is inspired. For me, one place to start is the fact that Christ and the apostles quote from many of the books of the Old Testament and what they are quoting is what we are reading when we refer to those passages. This is proof that the books of the old covenant and the books of the new covenant are intrinsically linked, and all a part of the canon. Critics of the scriptures have attempted to disprove the bible using the lack of historical evidence found of the names and nations and events that the bible mentions, but in recent decades more evidence has arisen that does nothing but support the historical accuracy of the scriptures.

There have been many different methods and ways of producing evidence in support of the supernatural inspiration of the Holy Word, but the one that seems most interesting to me are the hidden codes throughout the scriptures. Some of the most technical codes that can be found beneath the surface of this holy tome are mathematical and one form of this mathematical coding is the heptatic structure built throughout the bible. Heptatic simply means relating to the number seven through the Greek root of hept1. There are overt and covert heptatic structures and codes rippling within the bible relating to the number seven that are staggering in their depth and complexity. These structures occur in over 600 passages throughout the scriptures, appearing in both the old and the new testaments.

A Russian born mathematician named Ivan Panin2 really brought to light the numerical patterns and structures of the bible. While the numerical structures within chapters and books of the scriptures may be possible to be replicated by man, what we find are sevenfold structures that spread across the spectrum of the scriptures. If you recall, the bible we hold in our hands was written by forty individuals, many with various backgrounds, over a 1600 year period in three different languages, yet they all write with a single commonality…all claiming to be inspired by the One True God. Even though the scriptures were written across the span of 16 centuries, there is a heptatic structure that is woven throughout the scriptures, with many spanning the entire bible to form a complete structure.

Mark 16:9-20 has been panned by many critic as not being inspired, as having probably been written in the second century AD. However, there is a discovery hiding under the upper layer of text. It has been revealed that these passages have a wonderful heptatic structure that was discovered by Ivan Panin and published in a book over a hundred years ago. Mark 16:9-20 has an out-of-this-world, supernatural structure built around the number seven (heptatic) and he proves that the probability of one guy (or even many, many people) coming up with these structures within the text, without divine guidance, puts it into the stupidly absurd probability range. This is only one example of one passage and the bible is full of them (the heptatic structure hidden within the genealogy of Christ in the book of Matthew is just as mind-boggling, if not more so)3. Ivan Panin spent almost fifty years identifying theses structures and codes and apparently he started his search because of his love of numbers or, who knows, maybe someone challenged him for he began his numerical trek through the scriptures as a non-believer but ended up as a christian and a champion of the faith in his own arena of science. We have to severely be in denial to reject and ignore these patterns and from just this evidence alone, to reject the bible as supernatural.

The heptatic structure is only one way the bible has be authenticated. There are many other ways that The Lord has authenticated His Word but I chose to focus only on this one and it alone should be enough to prove the authenticity of the scripture to all of us…but it’s not. I love this kind of stuff but it bores my wife to tears. Therefore, the evidence of the mathematical tapestry of the scriptures can only be enjoyed, and thus only be accepted by people interested in this technical hoodoo. The Lord anticipated this, of course, and there are many, many other ways that the veracity and authenticity of the scripture has been proven.

Not only is the bible designed to be read and understood by anyone, God told us in Proverbs that He has hidden little secret gems here and there for those who like to dig for them the excavate hidden truths and facts that do nothing but prove more and more the bible is the unalterable Word of Our Lord. Many, many truths have been found, but I believe many more are in there waiting to be discovered and I get like a kid in a candy store sometimes when I think I have found a hidden link to something elsewhere in the scriptures. So grab your shovel and lets get digging.

Proverbs 25:2[It is] the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings [is] to search out a matter. (KJV)

God Bless

Jim Bussell

updated 1-25-21





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