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My father used to quote the phrase “I cried because I had no shoes until I met the man who had no feet” to me to help teach me to appreciate what I have, while at the same time desiring to work for more. It worked for I have always tended to never lose sight that there are always those that have less than me and I thank the Lord daily for what He has blessed me with, and continues to do so.

There are so many people today that seem to endlessly complain about everything without stopping to realize how blessed they actually are, and this started me thinking about my parent’s generation. I began thinking about life in the early part of the twentieth century, as opposed to life since I have been circling the sun.

Think about this, if you were born in 1900, for the first 50-55 years of your life, if you lived in rural America, you had minimal, or no healthcare, no electricity or running water, the prospect of finding a job outside of a large city was poor and there was no social security fund for the aged to fall back on…life as we know it, really only became commonplace after 1955. These facts can be a little sobering, if we allow them to sink in, and we need to make sure we appreciate every day we live upon this earth, instead of whining about what we don’t have.

Jim 5-22-20

The KISS rule…

I’m going to begin this blog from a different perspective than the viewpoint of the bible…let us forgot about Christianity or Judaism for a moment and pretend we don’t know the Lord. This is fairly easy task for me to pull off, for I have a polytheistic pagan background, as I spent the majority of my adult life worshiping different gods, and even when my wife and I wed we, with all seriousness, had a pagan marriage ceremony performed (in addition to a civil ceremony).

A couple of decades ago while worshiping strange gods, I started noticing similarities with different cultures around the world in regard to their religious practice and I decided to do some checking. It appears that all of the ancient or primitive cultures that I could find in my research several years ago, surprisingly shared common elements; they all shared some form of mandala, or spiritual wheel relating to the compass points, and they all also attributed our existence and the universe’s existence to design and most of them seem to attribute it to a single creator1. There are many other similarities, but the monotheistic element is the most significant for this discussion. If we fast forward a few centuries to the development of western civilization and look at the scholars and wise men you will usually find that they also attribute the creation to a single God (the Lord of the Christian bible).

However, as western science progresses it seems there was a great tendency for scholars and the wise men to deviate from the design element and all kind of theories start popping up. Why? Humans and humanity can’t seem to stand explanations that keep them out of the design loop. The simplicity of the universe being created by a superior being, or that everything from the basic element to us are created and designed by a supernatural god, takes humanity out of the loop…it means there is nothing to explain, it means that it takes the power of basic beginnings of science away from the scientist, and they just won’t have that.

Therefore, one of the first orders of business on the road to change the way things have been seen for hundreds of years, is to mainstream the absurd and marginalize the obvious. Modern science has successfully marginalized the simplicity of creation to the point where it has become criminal to teach it in our classrooms and declare it from our halls of justice, while loftily parading the absurdity of randomness and humanism as the new religion and the The Explanation for everything that there is.

Then there is the KISS rule. All my life I have been fascinated by the universe and everything in it, including ourselves. I find the complexities of everything utterly amazing. We as children of Our Father, The Creator, should be interested in what He has provided for us, and what He has created in this outer shell that holds us. Try, on a daily basis, to think of how something in our life works.

For instance, last night when I went bed and turned out the light it seemed extremely dark. However when I awoke in the middle of the night I could see my surrounding. Why was this? It happened because my eyes have the ability to adjust to a wide array of light conditions…randomness?…hardly. The complexity of design for sight is staggering and the more we learn of the steps required for sight to be achieved in any creature makes the thought of all this happening by trial and error mathematically absurd. As my mentor mentioned sometime in a recording on a similar subject, to just simply try and compare the way our digestive system works to something mankind can build…it would be similar to putting household trash in your car when it tells you it needs it, and expecting it to extract what it needs, break everything down, and eject what it doesn’t need automatically…and that is just one tiny example of a simplistic comparison to one of the less complex open loop systems of nature. The closed loops systems in our bodies are enormously much, much more complex.

Any movement, change or action in life, animal or vegetable, is an information process that is built upon millions of cells interacting, each individual cell having a structure and system that is a billion times more complex than anything science has ever conceived of…but yet we are to believe to accept that life is created is absurd, something that only cretins or those that are brainwashed or simpleminded would accept, because after all, science knows everything. I reckon we are suppose to ignore the fact that the scientist change their theories like we change our socks and most of our profession religionists, referred to as scientists, rarely can come to a consensus on hardly any subject for any length of time.

The fact of the matter is all we have do is to look around or look in a mirror or look up or look down, to understand what creation is saying. To reiterate what the creation is telling us, The Lord from the beginning of the bible to the end, reinforces it by saying The Trinity authored everything…simple. Too simple for the thinkers of the day to see as we read in the scriptures, (1 Cor 1:18, 21, 25, 1 Cor 2:14, 1 Cor 3:19). Remember the KISS rule, for the wise men and supposed thinkers of this world won’t…

God Bless, Jim

1 One of the most curious of the ancient civilizations is China. It appears that early Chinese writings point to a monotheistic belief system.