Refuting Evolution: Living in a Universe of Irreducible Complexity

Posted: February 26, 2022 in Bible, Creation, GOD, science

The concept of “irreducible complexity” is having something the least complex it can be and still work.

Take a mousetrap; there are five basic components, if it is missing any one of these five parts, it simply doesn’t work…it was designed and engineered around these five parts. You can go up in complexity, for instance, you could add paint for color, add a sensor that would notify you when the little rodent came to its end and even a camera that would record it’s grizzly execution…but unless you’re a sadist, these additional parts are not necessary. However, if you remove any of the basic five pieces of the trap and attempt to use it, you will find it simply will not work.

OK, the mousetrap is a basic example of human design, but let’s climb up a few more rungs of the complexity ladder. Another example of irreducible complexity would be the mammalian eye. Once again, we have five basic components1, a cornea, pupil, iris, lens and retina. If any one of these components is missing it doesn’t work. This means that the eye couldn’t have progressed along an ‘evolutionary’ assembly line where you see a little, then a little better, then a little better, until it progressed to our eye…if any one of these components is missing, it simply doesn’t work…you would be blind and there is no evolutionary advantage that could be gained by being blind for eons until the eye developed sight…evolution makes no sense here…that means the eye was developed and engineered from the beginning as a unit around these five major parts, just as the mousetrap is manufactured as a working unit.

Let’s then look down at the micro level at a single cell bacterium. This single cell organism has a flagellum2 tail that propels it by turning in a corkscrew manner, operated by a motor comprised of forty different components. If any one of these forty parts of this motor are missing, it simply doesn’t work. This one example is simply mind-boggling to me. We have a single celled organism, specializing as a bacterium, with its propulsion being provided by a variable speed electrical motor powered by sub-atomic protons and it sounds more science-fiction than fact.

Why is that? We humans are barely at the level where we can begin to look at and understand the micro world, much less replicate it…that’s why to most of us it reads as science fiction. Everywhere we look from the macro to the micro, from the large to the small, we see design everywhere and it drives some in the scientific community bonkers to see their theories of Darwinism lying in tatters. Evolutionary progression cannot explain how this can be…only design…who was, and is, the designer? The Creator of everything, The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Our Lord, Jehovah Jireh.

This is only a couple of examples from a pool of tens of thousands that could be looked at and they all explode the theory of evolution to pieces and prove that everything that exists is digital and by design.



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