Marginalizing Truth…Marginalizing God

Posted: March 25, 2012 in Christian
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We humans seem to have a great gift of marginalizing what we don’t like or what makes us uncomfortable. In fact we seem to take marginalizing truth and right and wrong and moral law to operatic levels. Once we successfully marginalize what is truth and what is right and wrong and the teachings and tenets of Our Lord, then it is a simple step to shrink the influence The Lord has on a society and consequentially, it’s people. That is where I see the US now…and I’m being generous…We as a society have taken the simplicity of the concept of truth; what is truth and what are lies are no longer a black and white concept, rather our society has settled on many truths, your truths and my truths, and by tearing down the definitive dividing line between truth and fiction, right and wrong, good or evil, we allow the concepts to be manipulated any way that is comfortable for us….and we as Christians have allowed it to happen right under our noses. At one time our country stood on truth and right and wrong and the rule of law. Now our society seems to be unraveling at the seams and we can point to the time period when we allowed our representatives to outlaw prayer and God and moral law in our public institutions and schools, as the turning point of our country toward corruption.1

I personally feel my country has sunk too far into the stinking, festering cesspool of multiculturalism and humanism. Why do I feel that way? Just look around. It would take serious prayer of the children of The Lord to turn it around…and most Christians I know are apathetic at best…this why I see the leaders of the world attempting to go to war against God (as we saw in Psalm 2) for I believe ‘The Lie’ that they will believe that we read about in Revelation is Satan convincing the leaders of the world that he isn’t defeated and that they have a chance to overthrow God’s restraints if they side with him.

I may be harsh on myself and on the state of Christianity in America, but folks, we are at war, and the adversary is pulling no punches. The votes of the comfortably, apathetic Christian majority for the last forty years has gotten us in the mess that we are in here in America…my assessment may be harsh, but I feel sometimes candy-coating the truth at times like these does more harm than good.

The Lord allowed me to wreck my life several times and I am grateful, for those life lessons I learned lets me see Psalm 15 in a different light. I was asked the question; “Where do you find truth?” The psalmist tells us we find it within our hearts according to Psalm 15:2 A Psalm of David. LORD, who may abide in Your tabernacle? Who may dwell in Your holy hill? He who walks uprightly, And works righteousness, And speaks the truth in his heart; (NKJV).

Individuals that hold truth as a precious commodity are the glue that holds our societies together, but unfortunately those individuals are almost non-existent within the hall of our government building now. That is the tragedy.

God Bless, Jim



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